ThinkSoftMinutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting are the records of the discussions and decisions that take place during a meeting.

Minutes of Meeting helps you in taking meeting notes collaboratively and stay organized by keeping track of all your meeting notes and decisions in one place.

The user has the ability to create notes, check and uncheck any notes, move notes from My Notes to Meeting Notes and vice versa only if he is the creator of the note also the user had the ability to convert notes from simple note to an issue with one click.


Adding Notes

The user can simply add a note by typing into the “Add a Note” input field then press enter.

There are two types of notes My Notes and Meeting Notes

My Notes: which the users can add their private notes without sharing them with anyone.

My Notes

Meeting Notes: are public notes in which the users that are involved in the issue have the ability to add a note, and it will be shared with all users in the issue.

Meeting Notes

Edit Note

The user can edit the note by clicking on the text then updating its content and finally pressing enter to save the changes.

Delete Note

The notes can be deleted by the note creator by clicking the delete icon at the right of the note.

Check - Uncheck Note

The user can organize the notes that he finished by clicking the radio button to check the note or to uncheck the pending notes.

Move notes

The user has the ability to move notes from My Notes to Meeting Notes and vice versa by pressing the arrow button at the right of the note.

Note to Issue

The note can be created as an issue by clicking on the plus sign at the right and a Jira issue popup dialog appears.

Notes Ordering

The user can re-order the notes by dragging and dropping them in any order that fits his needs.


Print and Export

The user can print or export the notes as PDF by pressing on the Printer icon and the PDF icon at the Minutes of Meeting tool bar.