Project Contacts for Jira


  1. Login into Jira account.

  2. Go to Add-ons from Jira Administration Menu at the top right on the page.

  3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side on the page.

  4. Locate Project Contacts via search.

  5. Click Free trial or Buy now to purchase a license for Project Contacts.

  6. You have to accept Atlassian Marketplace terms and agreements.

  7. Enter your information and click Generate License when redirected to My Atlassian.

  8. Click Apply license, if you are using an older version of UPM, you can copy and paste the license into your Jira instance.

User guide:

  1. Introduction: Project Contacts is an add-on that gives the project users to add contacts to the active issues, each issue its own contacts that is related to it.
    In project admin settings the user can view all related contacts from different issues. In the administration page, the user can view Contacts books that he can view all contacts for projects.
    In all sections can found in Projects admin, Issues, and Contacts book the user Export, and Import contacts to specific Project / Issue from the import settings that will be displayed after clicking on Import button from the Actions menu.

  2. Add contact: In the active issue click on Add Contact in the lower right of the page, then a popup dialog will appear, fill the required information related to the contact and its related company if the contact is linked to company, you can select a pre-added company from a companies drop-box and it will auto-fill the company information, or you can click on Same as contact information if the Contact information is the same as the company information, then click on save in the lower right on this dialog to create contact, before clicking on Create button you can select Create another to add a new contact without having to click on Add Contact button again.

  3. Edit contact: By clicking on contact name a popup dialog will appear displaying contact information, which the user can edit and update contact information.

  4. Project contacts: By accessing project settings click on Contacts menu at the button left of the page to view all project contacts, at the top right of the page you can import contacts from Actions menu and link it to a specific issue.

  5. Contacts Book: Go to Administration menu click on Contacts Book that you view all contacts from all projects.