ThinkSoftPrivacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy


ThinkSoft is an Atlassian Solution each Client will be able to download or subscribe to our Atlassian apps directly from Atlassian Marketplace.

Data Storage

ThinkSoft, and through its Atlassian apps, does not store client data on local servers. All Data are stored and fetched for display only on ThinkSoft apps. For our apps, data are being stored on client instances and not on ThinkSoft servers.


For the Atlassian Apps installed on-server (on client servers), the data is fully owned by the client and nothing is stored on ThinkSoft servers.


ThinkSoft understands the importance of ensuring the privacy of clients information and is fully compliant on not storing locally or on its own servers any personal information of our clients.
Atlassian Apps are being plugged on top of Atlassian instances (on-cloud and on-server).