Project Cost for Jira

Project Cost for Jira, it helps you manage, study, plan, and budget your project by adding cost lines to every issue in a project divided into categories. Each project cost can be viewed in a detailed report.

Jira Project with Issues

Project Issues

Add Cost Categories

Cost Categories

It’s important to divide your tasks into categories, it helps you organize your tasks to be more agile and to shorten the implementation time, and it helps you to group cost into categories by viewing the report about the project progress.

Add Currencies


You can add currencies as much as you need and you can set one currency to be a default currency for every newly created issue, and you can change the default currency to issue cost from the issue and set any other currency regardless the default currency it is.

Add Currency Rates

Currency Rates

Each currency has its currency rates, it’s important to add them all in order to get the correct and the accurate cost of the issue with different currencies in issue cost lines.

Add Cost Lines

Issue Cost Lines & Total Cost

Every created issue has its own cost and its own default currency by selecting it from Default Currency from Issue Cost Panel, or click on Use Default Currency to select project Pre-selected Default Currency. To create issue cost you need to add cost lines inside Cost Panel at Activity section of the issue, each cost line may have its own Category & Currency, and the currency will be converted into Issue Default Currency.

If the Cost Line Currency doesn’t have Currency Rate to convert it to Issue Default Cost, an Add Rate button will appear to add the rate in order to be able to calculate the issue total cost.

Issue Cost Line Add Rate

If you changed Issue Cost Default Currency, and the selected currency having a missing currency rate for some cost lines currencies a popup dialog will appear containing the missing rates to be added, to calculate the issue cost.

Edit Currency Rate

Issue Cost Missing Cost Rates Dialog

Print Project Cost and Issue Cost Report

Project Cost Report

Project Cost Report Details

Project Cost Report Details Printing Form

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